Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey Roo!

Here is the webcam shot of the day. When I am not being disruptive, I am doing this...

See ya later! Woooo woo rar rar rar... Kayla


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I do that all day!

Only I'm on the bed -

Or by the door waiting fur Mom!

Thanks for the nice khomments about my Spotcha Day!


Teddy Westlife said...

I can see you're hard at work... holding the floor down. My best friend Zim sometimes holds the walls up at his house so I know how hard it is!

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Woo have a webcam too!! Great shot captured!!! Happy resting

Wags, the OP Pack

Simcha said...

that looks like such a cool floor to lay on

The Army of Four said...

ooooh, that floor looks cool and comfy!
Tail wags,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You have a webcam? That's so cool. My mom has wanted one, but Dad said it's not going to do her any good to watch us be bad. :-)