Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maebe's Swimming Lesson

Hey Hey, it's Maebe Baebe!

I'm not too happy about this photo, see, I really hate the swimming pool. When I was just a young pup, me and Kayla were doing laps around the pool and I missed a corner and fell right in the deep end in the frigid cold wintertime. Mom was right there to scoop me out, but I never wanted to be in that water again! Unfortunately for me, Mom thought it was really important for Kayla and me to learn how to swim. Well, not so much learn to swim since that comes quite naturally to an intelligent husky, but how to find the underwater benches so we can get out of the pool. She also thought it would be a great way for us to cool off in this oppressive Vegas summer heat! Our old buddy Sheena used to get in and out of the pool like 10 times a day in the summertime! I thought she was either crazy or senile!

So here's what Mom did. She took us out for a long walk in the morning. By the time we got home we were pretty toasty. Then she carried me outside to the pool, and then INTO the pool. She held me with my arms on her shoulders while I floated and we danced in the pool. She let me out, and I took care of some business.... then I came back to the edge of the pool. She grabbed her new waterproof camera and called me. I was a little hesitant, but she held her arms out and I jumped in! Mom was shocked - but she did manage to get this pic of me swimmin!

Well, it really was a hot day and the water felt good... this time.

So that's my story, woo a'tcha later! Maebe

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Superman Pose!

Hey Roo!

Mom caught me in my SUPERMAN pose! I can fly!!!

See ya later!

Woooo woo rar rar rar... Kayla

Monday, July 28, 2008

Maebe's Camping Trip

Hey Hey, it's Maebe Baebe!

I got some pics of my camping trip to show ya! The Big Man and I went to Yosemite to do a little camping a couple weeks ago. Mom and Big Mouth stayed home so I got to spend some quality time with the Big Man!

I was a bit nervous, since I haven't been for a long car ride in a really long time. The Big Man kept explaining all the fun we were going to have together - long walks, floating in the raft on the lake... steak dinners... I was skeptical.

I hardly ate a thing during the whole trip! I just didn't have any appetite. But there were lots of really interesting smells to keep me occupied.

We saw some pretty waterfalls, people riding their bikes and swimming in the lake, and some really purty scenery.

We were going to camp for a few days, but unfortunately we had to go home early since the Big Man missed the sign that there were no dogs allowed (!?!?!?!?) and we got kicked out of our campsite.

It was Friday night and all the other campgrounds were full so we had to pack up and drive home, and we didn't get back home until 2am!

We were only gone from home about 2 days. That's OK, Mom and Big Mouth missed me!

So that's my story, woo a'tcha later! Maebe

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day of Blogs - Support a worthy cause!

Hey Roo!

As you all know, we are new to this blogging stuff. So we were totally late to the party on the Day of Blogs. Mom heard about Biloxi, the homeless Sibe puppy cutie pie that was hit by a car - she thinks she first heard about him on the Siberian Huskies Yahoo group but she is missing a few brain cells. Anyway, she wanted to learn more about his progress so went to the Ma Paw Siberian Rescue website and from there she found the Kapp Pack's blog and look, there's Biloxi!!! With lots of pics and vids and blog posts from the little guy!!!

From there she read about the Day of Blogs (just days before it started!!) so she committed a few bucks from her PayPal account.

Mom tried to keep up on the day of Blogs but missed nearly all of the first 12 hours since she was refreshing the wrong page (don't ask...), and then the Big Man was keeping her from the 'puter for the rest of the night after our walk, so she didn't keep very close tabs on the Kapp blogs. But she was so excited this morning to see that she won the super awesome prize given away on the final drawing - the hold-the-phone bag donated by the Army of Four!! Wooooo woooooo!!!!

To support this very worthy cause, visit Ma Paw Siberian Rescue and find that "click here to donate" button.

See ya later! Woooo woo rar rar rar... Kayla and Maebe

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maebe's Introduction

Hey Hey, it's Maebe Baebe! I'm so excited about our new blog!! I'm also a Siberian Husky (obvious since Kayla said I'm her sister, right?). I let her post first since I'm the quiet benevolent leader of the pack. I may have been the runt of the litter, but I quickly grew into a lean mean force of nature! I outweigh Kayla by about 8 pounds so I can push her around if I need to!! She may LOOK bigger but it's all fluff... my hair is just shorter. She's also a big yakker, I'm the strong silent type.
So I bet you are all asking - "how did you get a name like Maebe?" According to the humans, there are 2 reasons. One is that the Big Man liked that show called Arrested Development, and remember the girl on that show? Her name is "Maeby"... and he thought it would be a great name for his next dog. Also, the humans had a hard time deciding whether to add one more dog to their pack or two (Queen Siberian Sheena was still around, and she was lonely after her brother died, we never met her brother Rex). "Should we get one, maybe two???" When the humans arrived at the breeder, I had their answer for them. They were getting two. I even escaped from the back yard so I could greet my new humans before they stepped foot into my breeder's house!!! I was going home with THEM!!! The Big Man held me while my 4 sisters spazzed around at Mom's feet while she decided who her new dog would be. Kayla put on a big "kissy face" show, so Kayla was the winner of that round.
So that's my story, woo a'tcha later! Maebe

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kayla's Introduction

Hey Roo!

My name is Kayla. I am soooo happy that Mom finally made me a blog, woo woo!!! Unfortunately she is making me share it with my sis, who you will meet tomorrow. Why must I share everything with her??? :-p

I'm a Siberian Husky who is almost 4 years old, and I'm black and white with parti eyes. My left eye is blue, but check out my right eye! Mostly brown but see the blue on top?? Parti brown, parti blue! LOL... I'm a bit on the small side at 42 pounds. But boy can I run!!!

I'm the big talker in the pack. I say "good morning" to my people every day, and sometimes I give color commentary on the goings on in the house. I even bark at strangers! Who said a husky can't be a watch dog too?!?!? My people were shocked when they heard me bark for the first time, they thought it was an annoying neighbor dog, but no, it was just me!!!

See ya later! Woooo woo rar rar rar... Kayla