Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Funday!

Hey Hey, it's Maebe Baebe!

It's still freakishly hot but we managed to have a little fun today. See that pigeon invading the wall between the pool and spa? Kayla alerted me to its presence and we got huMom to let us out and scare it away. No big rat bird invades OUR yard! I think Kayla's reflection in the door looks pretty cool!

Mom was concerned after we didn't want to come back in right away. She looked out the window and caught us lounging in the sun. Wooooops!

Later, Mom gave me a very tasty treat. I can't get enough of this stuff!

Finally, the Big Man shared some of his watermelon with us. I don't have any pics of that, but I do have a pic of that Goofy Hoosky Kayla with watermelon splat on her nose! She needs to pay attention when she is getting fed!

Hahahahaha!!! Later we went to the DP - we might even have a video to post tomorrow!

Well, that's my story. Woo 'atcha later! Maebe


Teddy Westlife said...

If it's so hot, why didn't you jump in the pool?

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

The Army of Four said...

Oh! Oh! Pigeons are EVIL! Really! I go into full prey-drive mode when I see or hear them!!!
That Kong stuff is referred to as "Crack for Sibes" around here.
PS: Dave wants to know if you have any watermelon left? He LOVES watermelon!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, I need to come over to your house. You get good treats. Watermelon is delicious. We used to get that Kong stuff, but not any more. Mom's a cheap-o.